A Review of MLM Consultant Rod Cook

If you are just newly getting involved in the multilevel marketing opportunities craze, you are, without a doubt, going to be inundated with information, and one of the best ways to figure out if the information that is you are getting is correct is get the advice of a good MLM consultant. One MLM consultant that you may have heard about by this time is Rod Cook, and in terms of experience in the industry and general help to the MLM community at large, Cook has done more than his fair share!

As an MLM consultant, Cook brings a great deal to the table as one of the people to go to. In a field where people get turned over and left behind in a matter of years, Cook has managed to stay in and on top for quite a while; he started retailing MLM products in 1968! Not only does Cook hold a bachelor’s degree as well as the equivalent of an MBA, he also brings to the table years as a paid consultant as well as a long history with the first MLM publication, “The Golden Opportunity.”

When you are looking for a good MLM consultant, Cook exemplifies many of the things you are looking for, but his results speak for themselves. Essentially an MLM consultant like Cook prevents you from being scammed, an incident that happens all too often in this amazingly quick industry. As an entrepreneur, you do need to be cautious, but more than that, you need to take your opportunities as soon as you find them. A consultant like Rob Cook can help you make sure that your money and your investments are being treated carefully and with a great deal of respect.

As an MLM consultant, Cook makes some controversial statements. He estimates that about fifty percent of the MLM software companies advertised online are incompetent or simply scams. Moreover, even if the product is viable, the sales often are not. They range from out and out pyramid schemes to simply not having the infrastructure to make themselves relevant; in either case, they will end up bleeding your pocketbook dry if you are not careful.

I’ve spoken with Rod Cook several times on the phone, a very nice and knowledgeable person who knows what he is talking about. I’ve been asked my opinion of MLM Watchdog too many times over the years and I tell everyone the same thing. Rod Cook’s job is not to judge but to report facts, and there’s nothing wrong with promoting dirt on companies and expose them to the extent possible. It only inevitably protects the consumer.

Cook and his staff essentially provide a very valuable watchdog function, one that is overseen for most other industries by the government. The problem with MLM opportunities is that they are so numerous and spring up so quickly that it can be a while before the worst ones are weeded out, and by that time, many people have already come to heartbreak. Take a look at what Cook has to offer if you are interested in taking advantage of what a MLM consultant has to offer; it will be a great deal safer and less frustrating than setting off on your own!